Georgina Heritage Advisory Committee

Each Term of Office, the Town of Georgina invites community members to sit on the Georgina Heritage Advisory Committee (GHAC).

The Ontario Heritage Act provides that the Council of a municipality can establish a Heritage Committee whose responsibilities include advising Council on all matters relating to Part IV: Individual Property Designations and Part V: Heritage Conservation Districts.

The Georgina Heritage Advisory Committee has yet to be appointed for this term of Council. In accordance with Council direction, the Legislative Services Department will be reporting back to Council respecting the potential appointment of a new Heritage Committee following a review and update of the Town’s Municipal Heritage Register. Visit the Municipal Heritage Register Review webpage for further information related to the project.

Georgina Heritage Advisory Committee

The Georgina Heritage Advisory Committee researches and maintains a list of properties, features, and areas worthy of monitoring for conservation, establishes criteria for the evaluation of properties of architectural, historical and contextual significance; and recommends to Council properties worthy of designation. 

The GHAC also reviews planning documents, development applications, building permits and sign permits as they pertain to identified heritage resources and reviews municipal, provincial, and federal heritage legislation.

Agendas and Minutes

Please visit the Agendas and Minutes webpage.

Terms of Reference

The Committee’s Terms of Reference outlines the purpose, general activities and membership responsibility.

Committee Composition

The GHAC consists of seven (7) members:

  • one (1) member of Council;
  • and six (6) citizen appointments.

The length of term for anyone appointed to the GHAC shall be for the Term of Council. 


More Information

How to Designate a Heritage Property in Municipality

Georgina Heritage Register

For assistance surrounding the GHAC, please contact the Committee Services Coordinator by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301 ext. 2377.

For assistance surrounding general heritage inquiries, please contact the Senior Policy Planner by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301 ext. 2297.




Heritage Designation

Heritage designation is a method of conserving a community's significant heritage resources for long-term enjoyment. Part IV and Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act give Municipalities the power to pass by-laws to designate individual heritage properties or entire Heritage Conservation Districts. Once a property is designated, it gains public recognition as well as a measure of protection from demolition or unsympathetic alteration.

Sometimes properties are 'listed' as having cultural heritage value but are not designated. These listed properties are recognized for their potential to have cultural heritage value, they require approval by GHAC and Council if demolition is being considered. 

Ontario Regulation 9/06 outlines that a property may be designated due to its design, historical, or contextual value. At least one of these criteria must be identified in order for a property to be considered for designation.  

What are the implications for heritage designation?

Heritage designation:

  • Provides recognition and reinforces the cultural value and community appreciation of heritage properties.
  • Offers enhanced protection against demolition and other inappropriate changes.
  • Guides alterations so that changes will complement the cultural integrity and authenticity of a property. 

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