Corporate Strategic Plan

2023-2027 Corporate Strategic Plan

The 2023-2027 Corporate Strategic Plan, approved by Council on June 14, 2023, outlines the priorities for the organization, ensuring a common direction and purpose for Council and staff over the next four years. It reflects Council’s collective commitment to action and has five strategic areas that will be key to the success of the Town’s mission and specific goals that will help achieve progress.    

The new strategic plan contains five strategic areas that are key to the success of the Town’s mission and specific goals that will help achieve progress. The five strategic areas are:

  • Delivering service excellence
  • Ensuring balanced growth
  • Diversifying our local economy
  • Creating a vibrant, healthy and safe community for all
  • Advancing environmental sustainability

To support implementation of the strategic plan, Town staff have developed an implementation plan that sets out high-level timelines and corporate performance measures for each strategic initiative that will be updated on an annual basis.

The strategic plan represents the Town’s commitment to Georgina’s residents, the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation, businesses, visitors and key partners. Over the coming months and years, the Town will actively work to foster awareness of the plan within the community and communicate our shared successes.

The strategic plan includes the collaborative input of more than 1,200 stakeholders, representing a diverse range of perspectives. All of this input and feedback shaped the priorities that are at the core of the Town of Georgina’s 2023-2027 Corporate Strategic Plan.

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