Georgina Heritage Advisory Committee

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Each Term of Office, the Town of Georgina invites community members to sit on the Georgina Heritage Advisory Committee (GHAC).

The Ontario Heritage Act provides that the Council of a municipality can establish a Heritage Committee whose responsibilities include advising Council on all matters relating to Part IV: Individual Property Designations and Part V: Heritage Conservation Districts.

The Georgina Heritage Committee researches and maintains a list of properties, features and areas worthy of monitoring for conservation, establishes criteria for the evaluation of properties of architectural, historical and contextual significance; and recommends to Council properties worthy of designation. Recently the Council of the Town of Georgina supported the GHC’s recommendation to establish a Heritage Register.

The GHC also reviews planning documents, development applications, building permits and sign permits as they pertain to identified heritage resources and review municipal, provincial and federal heritage legislation.

Heritage Register updated_2020.05.25.pdf(use the Ctrl-F function to search the list by street name)  

For more information regarding registered or designated properties please contact Committee Services Coordinator by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301

Terms of Reference

The Committee’s  Terms of Reference.pdf outlines the purpose, general activities and membership responsibility.

Committee Composition

The GHC consists of seven (7) members, one (1) member of Council and six (6) citizen appointments who have an interest in the conservation of architectural, historical and contextual significant properties. 

The length of term for a person appointed to the GHC shall be for the Council Term of Office.

Current GHC Members

  • Terry Russell, Chair
  • Denise Roy, Vice Chair
  • Councillor Frank Sebo
  • Wei Hwa
  • Allan Morton
  • Krista Barclay
  • Dee Lawrence

The GHC meets every month in the Civic Centre Council Chambers.

For assistance and information please contact the Committee Services Coordinator by email at or telephone at 905-476-4301.

Agendas and Minutes

Please visit the GHC Agendas and Minutes web-page.

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