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In 2017 the Province of Ontario enacted Ontario Regulation 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure (O.Reg 588/17), under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act; to support municipalities in asset management and planning. O.Reg 588/17 facilitates asset management best practices by providing a degree of consistency to asset management plans, and leveraging asset management planning to optimize infrastructure investment decisions.

On June 22, 2022, Town Council received Report No. OI-2022-017: The Asset Management Plan for the Town’s core infrastructure assets, which include stormwater, water, wastewater, bridges, culverts and roads infrastructure. The Town’s Strategic Asset Management Policy has been updated through the Asset Management Plan for core assets.  The Asset Management Plan (AMP) for core infrastructure assets is aligned with the Town’s SAMP and is guided by the key principles of the Town’s corporate strategic goals and priorities.  

The Asset Management Plan is considered to be a dynamic document that is constantly evolving as new data becomes available; and will be updated formally every five years as per O.Reg 588/17.  Through these updates, the Town will continue to develop and improve its reporting on service levels, performance measurements, and targets. Future updates of the Asset Management Plan will also continue to build upon factors affecting Levels of Service, such as changing regulations, population growth, demographic changes, and climate change impacts.

​To learn more about the Town’s core infrastructure assets, view the Asset Management Plan.

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