Power Outages

Power outages are very common and occur when there is a failure in structures and systems that generate and bring electricity to your home or business.

Power interruptions can be caused by

  • A strain on the electrical system (through overuse)
  • Failure in the manufacturing plants that generate power (something stops working)
  • Damage to the systems that bring power to your home or business (power lines break or towers are damaged)

Before the lights go out

  • Use surge protectors
  • Know how to safely shut-off­ your electricity, water and gas if directed to do so
  • Have back-up light sources such as flashlights with batteries
  • Have a corded telephone that will work without home power
  • Know how to release your electric garage door opener and how to open the door without electricity
  • Have a cooler on-hand for cold food storage
  • If you depend on home oxygen, do not rely on power
  • Save your hydro provider’s information

While the lights are out

  • Listen to your local news on the radio for updates and instructions from officials
  • Visit the power outage maps of your hydro provider in York Region
  • Locate your 72-hour emergency kit
  • NEVER use outdoor grills, smokers or barbecues indoors to cook or as a source of heat – they are a fire hazard and they release deadly carbon monoxide gas
  • NEVER operate any fuel burning equipment (including generators) inside your home, basement, garage or other enclosed area (they release deadly carbon monoxide gas)
  • Only open the refrigerator if absolutely necessary to keep food cool and prevent spoilage

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