Smoking Safety

plant in pot with many cigarette butts and the words your plant is not an ashtray

Fires involving smoking and smokers materials are the number one cause of fatal fires in Ontario. Be aware and be a safe smoker.

  • Ensure your butts are completely extinguished before disposing of them. Use large, sturdy and deep ashtrays filled with water or sand.
  • Do not extinguish cigarettes in plant pots, which may contain a mixture of peat moss, shredded wood and bark that can easily ignite.
  • Empty ashes into a metal container—not the garbage can—and put it outside.
  • Encourage smokers to smoke outside, not in the garage.
  • Alcohol is a factor in many smoking related fires. Alcohol or medication that makes you drowsy and tiredness all reduce our ability to react quickly in an emergency. If you smoke, be alert.
  • When in doubt, always go out. Encourage smokers to smoke outside - this includes outside the garage. Most deaths result from fires that started in living rooms, family rooms or in bedrooms. Never smoke in bed.
  • Electronic cigarette usage also presents safety risks. E-cigarettes that are charging should always be supervised.
  • Damaged e-cigarettes should be disposed of safely.
hand holding a lit cigarette and the words Don't let your dreams go up in smoke. Put it out. Right out.

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