2018 Election Candidate Financial Information

The campaign period for the 2018 Municipal Council and School Board Elections begins on the day the candidate is registered and ends on December 31, 2018.  On or before March 29, 2019 @ 2:00pm, candidates are required to file a financial statement and auditor's report with the Office of the Town Clerk.  The statement and report must accurately reflect the candidate's election campaign finances.  An auditor's report is not required if the total contributions received and totatl expenses incurred in the election campaign are each equal to or less than $10,000.  These financial statements are to be filed even if the candidate withdrew the nomination, did not actively campaign or file a Notice of Extension.
For those candidates who have a deficit at the end of the filing period, and that have chosen to extend their campaign by filing a Notice of Extension of Campaign Period form, the deadline to submit their supplementary financial statement is the end of the six-month period following the 60th day after Voting Day.
The financial statements that have been file can be accessed by clicking on the link next to the candidate's name below.
Candidates are strongly encouraged to refer to the guide published by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs - 2018 Candidates' guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections  for infromation on candidates' financial responsibilities.




Date of Filing

Mayor Godzinevski  Boris March 19, 2019
  Quirk Margaret March 25, 2019
  Jagminas Susan March 28, 2019
Regional Councillor Dale Lee March 29, 2019
  Grossi Robert March 29, 2019
  Davison Naomi March 29, 2019
Councillor - Ward 1 Waddington Mike March 13, 2019
  Biggerstaff Charlene March 29, 2019
  ittenberg Glenn April 29, 2019
Councillor - Ward 2 Fellini Dan March 25, 2019
Councillor - Ward 3 Neeson Dave March 27, 2019
Councillor - Ward 4 Greta Zinck March 22, 2019
  Phillips Wayne March 25, 2019
  Sebo Frank March 29, 2019
Councillor - Ward 5 Harding Dave April 1, 2019
School Board Trustee, York Region District Cordova Cynthia December 11, 2018
School Board Trustee, York Catholic McNicol Teresa November 2, 2018
  Gaudet Shawn March 25, 2019
Viamonde Trustee, Conseil Scholaire Guerin Francois October 26, 2018
  Karine Ricard March 20, 2019
Catholique Centre-Sud Trustee, Conseil Scolaire de District Beal Kathleen December 31, 2018
  Papillon Maxime December 21, 2018


Post 2018 Municipal Election Financial and Contribution Report

Post 2018 Municipal Election Financial and Contribution Report


Additional Resources:

Financial Statement - Auditors Report Candidate - Form 4 
2018 Candidate's guide for Ontario municipal council and school board elections



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