Business Retention and Expansion Report

The Town of Georgina initiated a Business Retention and Expansion project to foster the stability and growth of local business through a community based initiative. The project ran from October 2009 to June of 2010 and involved 75 businesses in all sectors of the local economy.

The report provides an in-depth analysis on the dynamics of the local business climate through the collection and interpretation of the survey results. An overarching theme is that the Town and its partners must invest time and resources to effectively coordinate efforts in the area of economic development, and the Town must assume the lead role showing commitment to the process and to growing the area.

Six key theme areas were identified through the project results are:

  • Coordinate joint marketing and business networking initiatives
  • Improve access and communications to businesses
  • Enable a stable and skilled workforce
  • Facilitate and encourage community improvement
  • Develop an investment strategy to attract new commercial investment
  • Determine the viability of key sector development in specific areas

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